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Can I make a rock? Scientists use a machine called the
Scientists use a machine called the "Big Blue" to make rocks in the lab.
Chuck Said
It is possible to make rocks, but you need very special, expensive equipment to do it.

Rocks are made of minerals. Different rocks have different kinds of minerals or different amounts of the same minerals. Rocks have different colors because the minerals they are made from have different colors.

Some geologists study rocks by actually making them in a laboratory. They heat the starting material, which is often ground-up or powdered minerals, to very high temperatures to melt them, or they apply high pressure to change them. This makes the minerals come together as rocks.

But there are some rocks that are easy to make. A hunk of ice, for example, is made up of different ice crystals and is considered a rock. All you have to do to make this rock is put water in a freezer.