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Have you ever seen a volcano erupt? Mount St. Helens, Washington.
Mount St. Helens, Washington.
Chuck Said
Yes, I've been on many active volcanoes. Those are volcanoes that can still erupt.

One of the most amazing volcanic eruptions I've ever seen was Mount St. Helens near Seattle, Washington. In 1981, this volcano erupted and destroyed half the mountain.

Before it erupted, many geologists were fascinated that Mount St. Helens was literally growing. Previous eruptions of magma, or melted rock, had formed the tall mountain. Magma was again rising towards the top, and this was causing the mountain to bulge. There was also steam coming out of the top and small ash eruptions, so it was no surprise when the big eruption happened.

I was sailing close to Seattle that day when I heard the explosion. It made a very loud boom. I didn't know that it had erupted until later, when we could see the plume of smoke. Very few people had seen an eruption this strong before.