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What do you think the Earth would look like in 4 million years? In 4 billion years? The Earth is a dynamic, living planet.
The Earth is a dynamic, living planet.
Chuck Said
In 4 million years, the Earth would not look very different from how it does today. The same mountains would exist, and we would still have the same four oceans. The climate would be close to what it is right now. Geologists call the last 2.5 million years an ice age, with the Earth's climate slowly cooling, so we would still be in this same period. The continents would change position slightly, but not much.

The Earth has been around for 4.5 billion years, so 4 million years is not very much time.

But 4 billion years from now is a different story. Perhaps this planet would look like Venus, which has nothing living on it and has a surface temperature of 460C (860F). It's hard to say ...