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What is archaeology?
question markHow did you become interested in archaeology?
Did anyone inspire you to become an archaeologist?
question markWhat does it take to be an archaeologist?
What's an archaeological site?
question markHow do you find a site to excavate?
Why do you only dig a small part of a site?
question markWho is part of your crew?
What's a typical day like on a dig?
question markWhat's in your tool kit?
How do you photograph your dig site?
question markWhen you find an artifact, how do you decide what it is or how it was used?
How do you keep track of everything you find?
question markWhat's the most exciting thing you've ever excavated?
What's the most interesting artifact you've found?
question markWhat happens to the artifacts you find?
Why does the Museum keep a collection of thousands of artifacts collected by archaeologists so many years ago?
question markWhen you're not in the field or in the lab in Mexico, what do you do?