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What first inspired you to get interested in science?
Did you like science in school?
Why fish?
How do you do your work?
What do you find out?
Who do you work with when you do fieldwork?
Do you like fieldwork?
How do you know when you've discovered a new species?
How can you be sure you're the first scientist to discover a species?
Where are types kept?
What do you do when you think you've discovered a new species?
Does identifying fish make a difference?
Did anyone else inspire you, apart from your mom?
Did you have other role models?
Are you concerned about the state of the oceans?
How did the oceans get into such a bad situation?
What kind of fish are in trouble?
What can a kid do to help?
Is it OK to eat shrimp?
Should I eat fish?
What's the best way to see fish?