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Did you have other role models?
Etia nguti, named after Ethel Threwavas
Etia nguti, named after Ethel Threwavas
Melanie Said
I met a couple of great scientists when I was a student. One woman, called Rosemary Lowe McConnell, spent many years in Africa and South America and wrote the most important textbooks on tropical fish ecology.

Another woman, called Ethel Wynn Threwavas, was known as "E.T." E.T. knew that I needed to go do some fieldwork, to see animals in context. One day she said to me, "It's time you went to Africa, Melanie!" She handed me a check-it was enough money to pay for my first scientific field trip. As a way to say thank you to E.T., I just named a fish genus-a whole group of fish-after her.