What Do You Know?
Question Number 01
In 1999, astronomers were able to calculate the approximate age of the universe - and the number is...
A:about 4,000 years
B:about 13 billion years
C:about 900 billion years
Question Number 02
Stars and planets are shaped like spheres because:
A:gravity pulled them into that shape as they formed
B:they eroded into round shapes over millions of years
C:round shapes have less wind resistance
Question Number 03
If you went looking for life in outer space, a good place to look would be:
A:Mars, because it may have liquid water below its surface

B:Neptune, because it has weather systems like those on Earth

C:Uranus, because its blue-green surface looks as though it could sustain life
Question Number 04
In this picture, almost every blob you see is:
A:a star
B:a planet
C:a galaxy
Question Number 05
Men walked on the Moon for the first time in July of 1969. How long will their footprints be visible on the Moon's surface?
A:windstorms have already erased them
B:hundreds of thousands of years
C:about fifty years
Question Number 06
For every evening star you can see from Earth, how many more stars in the Milky Way Galaxy remain unseen?
 Milky Way
A:about 20 million
B:about 3,000
C:about 40
Question Number 07
A comet's tail can stretch as long as:
A:about 10 miles
B:about 5,000 miles
C:hundreds of millions of miles
Question Number 08
A "day" on the planet Mercury - from sunrise to sunset - lasts about:
A:six Earth hours
B:six Earth months
C:six Earth years
Question Number 09
If your spaceship could travel at the speed of light, how long would you take to cross the entire Milky Way?
A:about 10 years
B:about 1,000 years
C:about 100,000 years
Question Number 10
When a massive star finally dies, like the star in this picture, what happens?
A:it turns into a white dwarf
B:it explodes in a supernova
C:it becomes a planet
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