What Do You Know?
What is climate change?
A: a sudden change in conditions including temperature and precipitation
B: a change in global temperatures and weather patterns over many years
C: an extreme weather event such as a hurricane or drought
An unexpected thunderstorm is an example of:
A: weather
B: climate
C: climate change
What does the atmosphere contain that keeps Earth's surface warm?
A: water vapor and carbon dioxide
B: methane and nitrous oxide
C: all of the above
What is one way that scientists measure global climate?
A: they collect weather data from places with tropical climates
B: they collect weather data from places with extreme climates
C: they collect and average data from weather stations around the world
Where do scientists find evidence that Earth's climate has changed in the past?
A: tree rings
B: glacial ice
C: both of these
Which human actions are causing Earth's climate to warm?
A: building "green" houses that use less energy
B: burning fossil fuels that release greenhouse gases
C: using solar power that relies on energy from the Sun
How does climate change affect people?
A: rising sea levels can flood coastal homes and communities
B: hotter, longer droughts can threaten crops
C: both of these and more
What is the advantage of "clean" energy sources like wind and solar?
A: they produce few or no greenhouse gases
B: they are always less expensive than fossil fuels
C: they rely on non-renewable resources
What is the best way to reduce the effects of climate change?
A: conserve energy by using less electricity and fuel
B: switch to "clean" energy sources
C: combine many efforts like these on a worldwide scale
Which of the following actions can you do to help lessen climate change?
A: walk instead of drive
B: buy less stuff
C: both of these and more

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