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Appendix 1

Appendix 1: Sample of Objects in the Ekholm Collection, Tampico-Panuco Region (as classified by Ekholm)

FIGURINES: Very Primitive Type; Flat Rectangular-Eyed Type; Cut-Featured Type; Bulging-Eye Type; Large El Prisco Figurines; Monkeys; Panuco Type APanuco Type BPanuco Type CCoffee-Bean Eye Type; Coarse Paste Type; Portrait Type Figurines; Mold-Made Figurines; Large Realistic Figurines; Masks; Figurines of "Primitive" Appearance; Grotesque Human-Animal Heads ; Miscellaneous and Unclassified Figurines; Figurine Bodies and Body Fragments.WHISTLESSPINDLE WHORLSSMOKING PIPESTUBULAR EARPLUGSSOLID EARPLUGSCLAY RINGSCLAY BEADSREWORKED SHERDSRATTLESSTAMPSWHEELED TOYSPESTLESOBJECTS OF COPPER: Bells; Pendants; Earplugs.OBJECTS OF SHELL: Carved Faces; Finger Rings; Bird Head Necklaces; Shells Cut to form the Sign of the Wind God; Shell Rods; Buttons; Pendants and Beads of Olivia Shells, Miscellaneous Ornaments; U-Shaped Ornaments; Triangular Pendants; Implements; Large Hooks; Beads; Mosaic Fragments.OBJECTS OF BONE: Spatulate Pointed Implements; Awls; Projectile Points; Small Double-Pointed Tools; Bone Tubes; Bone Combs; Bone Needles; Ornamented Punches or Pins; Cut Metatarsal Bones; Buttons; Animal Teeth; Worked Human Bone; Mutilated Human Tooth.OBJECTS OF STONE: Small Carved Stone Objects (Jade Ornaments; Jade Mosaic Fragments; Turquoise Mosaic Fragments; Mosaic Mirror of Iron Pyrites); Chipped Stone Implements (Obsidian and Obsidian Flake Blades; Projectile Points; Knives; Scrapers); Ground Stone Implements (Adzes; Axes; Bark Beaters; Pestles; Manos and Metates; Other Grinding Stones; Mason's Tools; Stone Balls; Miscellaneous).MISCELANEOUS OBJECTS: Boat-shaped Objects; Clay Rods of Various Forms; Clay Cells; Spindle-Shaped Object; Miniature Vessels; Ornamental "Pin".STONE SCULPTUREARCHITECTURE: Plaster Surfaced Structures; Structures With Baked Clay Surfaces; Asphalt Surfaced Structures; Stone Structures; Architectural forms.

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