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Art & Artists

Creative Climate Awards
An annual series of events that showcase artists creating climate-inspired, public works and actions.

Science and Art in a Climate of Change
A unique exchange of ideas and artistic expression, islanders, climate change experts, and political leaders explore the very real threats to islands across the South Pacific, the "canaries in the coal mine" of climate change.

The Canary Project
Art and media that deepen public understandings of climate change

Positive Feedback
Supporting the collaborations of artists and scientists focused on climate change

Rachel Nankivell
Photographer – including a portfolio on Cyclone Evan, Samoa

Legion Arts, Iowa
16 artists in four galleries explore flood, drought, climate change... 

Artists and Climate Change
Contributions from the artistic community to the vexing problem of climate change

Vanishing Ice
Frames a unique body of art that showcases the beauty and attraction of Earth's frozen frontiers within the context of climate change

Alison Wright
Documentary photographer focusing on endangered cultures and people and documenting issues concerning the human condition

Moana: The Rising of the Sea
Stage production of music and dance addressing displacement, cultural loss, and survival in the Pacific facing rising sea levels

American Museum of Natural History

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