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Rethinking Home: Climate Change in New York and Samoa [Blog]

Moanalei Lumepa's daugher rethinking home samoa

I am ever yours

After a tragedy the soul always seeks only the light. Weary of darkness, it wobbles on and tries to take flight. That is the beauty of life. We continue on. We carry forward. We never really die. Our spirits are meant to soar, not brittle and fated to the floor.


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Passionate thinking about climate change

I’ve heard pundits state there is no solid evidence for global climate change, the data are inconclusive, even saying it’s exaggerated hype, that these changes are within statistical range for normal climate conditions, not anomalous for 50 to 100 year events. To them it is a point of debate.  For me and those I know, it’s more than theoretical, the heat waves, record cold, droughts, flooding, storms, water shortages, and fires are a reality. 

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