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Rethinking Home: Climate Change in New York and Samoa [Blog]

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From Maui to Manhattan

Rethinking Home: Climate Change in New York and Samoa

The swerving traffic and the bright lights of New York City can sometimes be suffocating for a small island girl like myself. Moving from the island of Maui to the island of Manhattan for a college education, I had such a difficult time finding spaces where I can unwind and breathe. The numerous people and whizzing traffic can be overwhelming for a person that grew up with no public transportation and zero skyscrapers. In my homeland, the crashing waves and the smell of a light salty breeze in the air immediately calms me. 

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Beginnings - Jenny Newell

Rethinking Home: Climate Change in New York and Samoa

The New York group that forms one half of the "Rethinking Home" partnership has now taken shape. We met at the American Museum of Natural History, 5th floor, overlooking 77th Street, coffee & cake, and 18 people keen to get talking. It was the first workshop of this year-long project, one of the ten awarded by the “Museums Connect” program this year, funded by the American Alliance of Museums, within the US State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. The Museums Connect program is designed to bring foster cross-cultural learning between communities in the US and overseas. Our project brings together coastal communities in New York and in Samoa.

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