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Alex de Voogt's Research



The Meroitic Language

Within these pages is a discussion of the latest advances in understanding the language and writing system of the kingdom of Meroe, which in 300 BC - 400 AD was located in present-day Sudan and Egyptian Nubia. A discussion of phonology and grammar is integrated with language comparisons that show the relation of Meroitic with today’s African languages.



The Idea of Writing

The Idea of Writing is an exploration of the versatility of writing systems. It presents the playful and artistic use of writing and highlights the complexity of writing systems rather than that it provides a first introduction. The Idea of Writing has been a theme in a series of colloquiums held at Leiden University.


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A Question of Excellence

Books have been filled with thoughts on mastership, genius and excellence in games. The players of African descent make up a history of intellectual African accomplishments largely unnoticed in the literature on African history and psychology. A Question of Excellence fills this void and brings together literature on checkers, draughts, chess and mancala games.



Mancala Board Games

Mancala is a group of board games played with many variations across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, the Caribbean and parts of South America. Mancala Board Games discusses the art historical aspects of the boards and gives a brief social and cultural context.



Moves in Mind

The information provided by board-game research, both data and theories, have a wider relevance for understanding human psychology in general. Moves in Mind is a summary of psychological research into board games. Current projects that continue on this path include research on poker expertise and checkers/draughts players.



Mechanisms in the Chain of Safety

Contemporary approaches to aviation safety show a dynamic endeavor to identify a variety of components that minimize the emergence of adverse situations. In this process there has always been a strong interrelation between these components and it allows us to talk about a chain of safety.



Helidrome Architecture

The helidrome, also known as helipad or helicopter platform, is a cleared space, an absence of obstacles rather than a construction by itself. The modern designs of helidromes lift the platform above the surrounding buildings, seeking a free approach path for the helicopter and a commanding view. Helidrome Architecture explores the history and design of helipads from a topic of engineering to a topic of architecture.

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