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North American Archaeological Projects



St. Catherines Island, GA

Dr. Thomas has conducted research on the island over the past three decades and has developed a comprehensive archaeological, historical, and geographical history of St. Catherines.



San Marcos, NM

Dr. Thomas began excavating on the Spanish Mission in 1999 and applied a series of cutting-edge remote sensing technology (ground penetrating radar, proton magnetometry and electrical resistivity) to better understand the site layout.



Alta Toquima, NV

The rugged landscape of central Nevada was once home to some America's earliest inhabitants. In 1980 Dr. Thomas proved that from around 2500 BC to 0 AD, the mountains were used intermittently by small groups of hunters who seasonally exploited mountain sheep.



Hidden Cave, NV

During the 1978 and 1979 field seasons, David Hurst Thomas and a stalwart crew excavated the Nevada cave occupied in the late Archaic period -- from about 2000 BC to AD 0. The team discovered that the relatively inhospitable cave was used for temporary storing food, tools and other materials.



Gatecliff, NV

In 1970, David Thomas discovered the Gatecliff shelter in the Monitor Valley of Nevada -- which proved to be a popular living place for Archaic people and animals alike.

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