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The Center for Biodiversity and Conservation's mission is to mitigate critical threats to global biological and cultural diversity by:

  • advancing scientific research in diverse ecosystems;
  • strengthening the application of science to conservation practice and public policy;
  • developing professional, institutional, and community capacity; and
  • furthering the Museum's efforts to heighten public understanding and stewardship of biodiversity.


What Is Biodiversity?

The term biodiversity refers to the variety of life on Earth at all its levels, from genes to ecosystems, and the ecological and evolutionary processes that sustain it. Biodiversity includes not only species we consider rare, threatened, or endangered, but every living thing.



What's New at the CBC?

News and announcements about the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation and, its programs and events.




Questions and answers about the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation’s work.


Staff List

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council provides input and guidance on the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation’s activities.

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