International Year of Biodiversity

The United Nations marked 2010 as the International Year of Biodiversity in an effort to raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity conservation, and to encourage the world’s leaders, institutions, organizations, industries and citizens to take action to abate current rates of biodiversity loss.

The CBC has joined a group of institutions from around the world to support the International Year of Biodiversity. Since 1993 the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation has been applying the American Museum of Natural History’s extensive scientific and educational resources to conservation policy and action. The CBC develops strategic partnerships to expand scientific knowledge about diverse species and ecosystems; enhances the use of scientific data to mitigate critical threats to global biological and cultural diversity, and to apply this knowledge to conservation; develops professional, institutional, and community capacity for biodiversity conservation; and heightens public understanding and stewardship for biodiversity. Working both locally and around the world, the CBC develops model programs that integrate research, education, and outreach so that people — a key factor in the rapid loss of biodiversity — will become participants in its conservation.

During 2010, we will highlight interesting aspects of biodiversity and biodiversity conservation on our website. This content will be updated periodically throughout the year, so please visit us often!

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