2013 Award Winners

Best Talks

Winner: "Conservation implications of oceanic manta ray spatial ecology" - Joshua Stewart, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, USCD.


Winner: "Social interactions in the ivory trade: comparing Chinese and Western perspectives" - Gao Yufang, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. 


Best Speed Talks

Winner: "Acoustic monitoring as a scalable seabird monitoring solution" - Abraham Borker, University of California Santa Cruz. 


Winner: "Urban green roofs provide foraging habitats for bats" - Kaitlyn Parkins, Fordham University. 


Winner: "How do wild grazers respond to cattle grazing on shared rangelands in East Africa" - Jennifer Schieltz, Princeton University. 


Best Posters

Winner: "Evaluating the resilience of Peris Napi Oleracea butterflies to exotic invasive plants" - Kelly Boisvert, Tufts University. 

Kelly Boisver best poster sccs-ny 2013

Winner: "A treasure chest of unexplored diversity: feather mites of endangered birds in Brazil" - Fabio Hernandes, Universidade Esadual Paulista (UNESP), Brazil.

Fabio hernandes best poster sccs-ny 2013

Winner: "The unexpected discovery of a new cryptic frog from the urban Northeastern U.S." - Jeremy Feinberg, Rutgers University.

Jeremy feinberg best poster scca-ny 2013