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Workshops and Working Groups

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Freshwater Mussels and Snails

A workshop on freshwater mussels and snails of the metropolitan area and New Jersey was held in September, 2000 at the American Museum and at two field sites near Port Jervis, NY.

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Environmental Summit

 2001 — A meeting of members of New York's community-based environmental organizations, concerned individuals, and key New York State legislators.

Bee Workshop


Bees of the New England and the Mid-Atlantic

In June, 2002 local and regional biologists, resource managers, consultants and naturalists met at the AMNH for a workshop to learn about the regional bee fauna and its role in local ecosystems.

Engaging and Learning for Conservation: Workshop on Public Participation in Scientific Research


Public Participation in Scientific Research

2011 — Public participation in scientific research (PPSR) refers to initiatives in which the public is involved in one or more phases of scientific research – from defining questions to using results – and encompasses citizen science, participatory monitoring, community science, and a variety of other endeavors and approaches.

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