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Biodiversity Assessment Handbook for New York City

By: Erik Kiviat and Elizabeth A. Johnson

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New York City is remarkable for the variety of habitats and the common and rare wildlife and flora that live there.  The City is widely regarded to provide stopover habitat for many migratory birds, fishes, and butterflies, as well as residence for numerous plant and animal species of conservation concern.  The way that the City's greenspaces are assessed, conserved, and managed for biodiversity will affect these resources far into the future.  The new Biodiversity Assessment Handbook for New York City is designed as a guide for land managers, policymakers, conservationists, researchers, consultants, educators, and students who are addressing the myriad questions about greenspaces and biodiversity in the City.  The Handbook was written and compiled by Erik Kiviat, research scientist and Executive Director of Hudsonia, and Elizabeth A. Johnson, while she was Manager of the CBC Metropolitan Biodiversity Program.

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