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Travel to NYC

Getting Into Manhattan

Getting to the Museum and the Upper West Side of Manhattan will likely involve a few systems of transportation in the metropolitan area. We recommend taking public transportation within New York City—it's the cheapest way to get around the city, and is often the quickest. A more thorough description may be found on Wikitravel.

By Plane

New York City Taxi

New York City taxi in Times Square.

NYC is served by three airports: John F. Kennedy (JFK), LaGuardia (LGA), and Newark Liberty (EWR). LaGuardia is the closest, but there is no train service (only bus). JFK has a multitude of train options, while Newark has a stop on New Jersey Transit and Amtrak which will bring you to New York's Pennsylvania Station. 

Perhaps the easiest way to travel from any airport to your destination is by taxi. It is also the most expensive, particularly from Newark Liberty. Take a yellow cab from the airport, do not accept rides from people who approach you. Find the taxi stand and get in line (the lines can sometimes be long).  Current taxi rates

From JFK Airport:
  • Taxi: flat fare to any destination in Manhattan, plus tip and tolls.
  • Train: Take the AirTrain to Jamaica (as opposed to the Howard Beach AirTrain). From there, take either (a) the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) to Penn Station, then the uptown C train to 81st Street, or (b) take the Manhattan-bound E Train to 42nd Street, then transfer (up the stairs and downstairs to the opposite platform) to the uptown C Train to 81st Street.
  • Shuttle: see below.
From LaGuardia:
  • Taxi: the easiest way to Manhattan. No flat fare, driver should use the meter, and tolls and tip are additional.
  • Bus to Subway: Take the M60 bus into Manhattan. Get off either at (a) 125th Street and St. Nicholas (Harlem) and take the downtown C Train to 81st Street, or (b) get off at 116th Street and Broadway (Columbia University) and take the downtown 1 Train to 79th Street.
  • Shuttle: see below.
From Newark:
  • Taxi: No flat fare, trips can be very expensive, plus tolls and tip.
  • Train: Take the AirTrain to New Jersey Transit/Amtrak Station. Take NJ Transit (Northeast Corridor Line) to Penn Station New York (do not get off at Penn Station Newark). At New York's Penn Station, take the uptown C Train to 81st Street, or take a taxi from there if you like.
  • Shuttle: see below.

Shuttle Services:

These companies offer services from the three airports and typically drop passengers either at your hotel or at designated points in Manhattan. For the latter, choose Penn Station or the Port Authority as your destination, then take the uptown C Train to 81 Street (Grand Central is not as convenient).

By Bus

You'll most likely arrive at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, although nowadays the discount bus companies seem to use any old corner to drop people. From the Port Authority, take the uptown C Train to 81st Street.

By Car

If you must drive into NYC, use a map or GPS to get you to the Museum. Expect to pay dearly for parking.

American Museum of Natural History

Central Park West at 79th Street
New York, NY 10024-5192
Phone: 212-769-5100

Open daily from 10 am-5:45 pm
except on Thanksgiving and Christmas
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