Standard Restrictions

Normal loan conditions preclude any interventive work on the specimen(s), such as preparation, molding or casting, or destructive sampling. Such work must not be undertaken without advanced, written permission from AMNH. The process for requesting and granting such permission is covered in the destructive sampling and preparation section of this website. Carrying out preparation or destructive sampling on a borrowed specimen without permission may be grounds for denying future loan requests from the borrower. 

Loan Material must never be transferred to a third party, within or outside the AMNH. All material must be returned to AMNH; if necessary a new loan can be requested by the third party and arranged according to the standard procedures. 

The Division should be given appropriate credit in any publications and databases drawing on the loaned specimens. Two copies of all publications in which the specimen(s) appear should be sent to the Division for inclusion in the Osborn Library. Failure to credit the Division, and/or to deposit publications, may result in loss of future borrowing privileges. 

Loans are made solely at the discretion of the AMNH, and can be terminated or otherwise recalled at any time by the Museum, for any reason. The Museum will endeavor to give a minimum period of 2 weeks notice.