Earth and Planetary Sciences Fall 2016 Seminars

Thursdays at 1:15 p.m.  EPS Conference Room (unless otherwise noted)           

      Support for the Visiting Scholars Program is provided by Peter C. Hein and Anne Farley

September 15:
THOMAS GIACHETTI, University of Oregon
"The eruptive conditions necessary for the stability of Plinian eruption of rhyolitic magma"

September 29: GSA Meeting - NO SEMINAR

October 6:
ANDREAS ERTL, Museum of Natural History, Vienna
"Tourmaline: not only beautiful, but also scientifically interesting”

October 13:
DANIEL VIETE, Johns Hopkins University
"Records of pressure (and fluid) pulses during subduction”

October 20:
JEFFREY MARSH, Queens College
"A Field Geology course in the Paleozoic rocks of southeastern New York” and
"Titanite petrogenesis and U-Pb systematics in an anatectic, high pressure granulite"

October 27:
"The pre-Atlantic Hf isotope evolution of the east Laurentian continental margin: Insights from zircon in basement rocks and glacial tillites from northern New Jersey and southeastern New York”

November 3:
ZOLTAN ZAJACZ, University of Toronto
"Sulfur degassing from magmas and its implications for magmatic-hydrothermal ore genesis"

November 10:
EINAT LEV, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory/Columbia University
"Looking at lavas in flows and lakes"

November 17:
FRANCESCO VETERE, University of Perugia, Italy
"Interplay between rheology and crystallization kinetics in magmatic systems: toward a unifying conceptual model"

November 24: Thanksgiving Day - NO SEMINAR

December 1: Cancelled

December 8:
DUSTIN TRAIL, University of Rochester
"The environment of early Earth: where we are, and what we still need to know"

December 15:  AGU Fall Meeting - NO SEMINAR


Earth and Planetary Sciences Spring 2017 Seminars

January 12:
KIMBERLY MYERS, Texas A&M University
"Biogeochemical arsenic, iron, and sulfur cycles in Archean environments: what can the distant past teach us about the present?"

January 19:
"Spinel-hosted inclusions in plagioclase-dunites: clues to melt-peridotite reaction"

January 26:
CAREY LISSE, Applied Physics Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University

February 2:
MICHAEL ACKERSON, Carnegie Institution for Science

February 16:

February 23:
ALEX LLOYD, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory/Columbia University

March 30:
NICHOLAS TOSCA, University of Oxford

April 6:
CONEL ALEXANDER, Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institution for Science

*Monday, April 10:
         *Note: This RGGS/Paleo/EPS Seminar will be held in the RGGS Lecture Hall on the 5th floor
MARC LAFLAMME, University of Toronto Mississauga

April 20:
CAROLINE BOUVET de MAISONNEUVE, Earth Observatory of Singapore/Nanyang Technological University

When: The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at the American Museum of Natural History holds seminars on most Thursdays during the academic year. Please refer to the current schedule for more details.

Where: Seminars are held in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences conference room.

Directions: The department is located on the fourth floor in the Wallach Orientation Center on the south or 77th Street side of the building. The entrance to the department is to the right of the movie screen. A phone at the door can be used to contact Adrian Fiege (x5380) or Nanette Nicholson (x5390) for entry. Visitors who wish to attend the seminar are invited to contact Adrian or Nanette in advance for more detailed directions, or to arrange for someone to meet you at one of the museum entrances.

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