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Fall 2013

Thursday, September 12:
 RICHARD GASCHNIG - University of Maryland
"The many (and sometimes lost) arcs of Idaho"

Thursday, September 19:
 ABBY KAVNER - University of California, Los Angeles
"The Electrochemical Earth"

Thursday, September 26:
"An enriched mantle source for the Bushveld Igneous Complex, South Africa: Evidence from Hf in zircon"

Thursday, October 3:
 JOHN W. SHERVAIS  - Utah State University
"Inside the subduction factory: melt depletion and fluid enrichment in the mantle wedge"

Thursday, October 10:
 RYAN MATHUR - Juniata College
"Examples of Fingerprinting Metal Sources in Geologic Materials and Metallic Artifacts with the Use of Copper Isotope Ratios"

Thursday, October 17:
 MICHELLE COOMBS - US Geological Survey, Anchorage, Alaska Area
"Rhyolite magma generation and eruption in the eastern Aleutian arc, Alaska"

Thursday, October 24:
 HORST MARSCHALL - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
"The hard-rock isotope geochemistry of boron: obstacles, potential, and recent analytical progress at WHOI"

Thursday, October 31:
 AARON S. BELL - University of New Mexico
"XANES Measurements of Cr Valence in Olivine and their Applications to Planetary Basalts"

Thursday, November 7:
 AKI TAKIGAWA - Carnegie Institution
"Laboratory studies filling a large gap between circumstellar dust and presolar grains"

*Friday, November 8 @ 3 p.m.:
 JISUN PARK - Rutgers University
"Ar age dating of Tissint, Martian Meteorite"

Thursday, November 14:  CANCELED
 TIM GLOTCH - Stony Brook University
"Lunar swirls and space weathering processes on the Moon"

*Friday, November 22 @ 10 a.m.:
 TYRONE O. ROONEY - Michigan State University
"From initiation to termination - the critical role of magma in rift evolution"

Thursday, December 5:
 GILBERT N. HANSON  - Stony Brook University
"How research by earth science teachers, science education students and high school students has influenced the understanding of Long Island Geology"

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