Recent Kade Fellows

Since 2002, the Annette Kade Fellowship Program has provided the opportunity for French and German students to study at the Museum, and for AMNH graduate students to study at institutions across France and Germany. With the support of the Annette Kade Charitable Trust Fund, an extraordinary array of talented international students have taken advantage of the Museum’s cutting-edge facilities and technology, world-class collections and the expertise of our curatorial faculty and scientific staff. At the same time, AMNH graduate students at the Museum have gained invaluable experience working with expert scientists at top institutions abroad. The Annette Kade Fellowship Program thus strengthens the Museum’s institutional partnerships and helps to build a better trained and more interactive international scientific community.

The Annette Kade Fellows for 2015 are:

Nils Bigge

Nils Bigge, a graduate student at Ruhr-Universitat Bochum in Germany, has worked with Dr. George E. Harlow, Curator and RGGS Professor, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences. Mr. Bigge is currently studying the pressure-temperature-evolution (time) history of so-called symplectites (intergrowths of two or more crystals) in eclogites (high pressure metamorphic rocks) from the Western Gneiss Region of Norway to assess how these intergrowths formed. He is also working with current AMNH Kalbfleisch Postdoctoral Fellow Celine Martin, as his research advances Dr. Martin’s own Ph.D. research in interpreting these symplectites.

Weibke Feindt

Weibke Feindt, a graduate student at Stiftung Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover in Germany, is currently working with Dr. Robert DeSalle, Curator and RGGS Professor, Division of Invertebrate Zoology. Her research focuses on the systematics (diversification and relationships) and general biology of dragonflies. Using the latest advancements in genomics, she is studying the dragonflies’ speciation, the evolutionary process by which new biological species arise. Specifically, she is studying transcriptomes—the total expressed genes at a certain time point—of Megaloprepus larvae from three geographically separated populations for comparative analysis.

Bastian Klussman - Fricke

Bastian J. Klussmann-Fricke, a graduate student at the University of Rostock, Germany, is working with Dr. Lorenzo Prendini, Curator and RGGS Professor, Division of Invertebrate Zoology, with whom he recently co-authored a paper. Mr. Klussmann-Fricke is currently studying three organ systems of the arachnid (spiders, mites, scorpions and relatives) order Solifugae (“camel spiders”) from an evolutionary perspective, using novel methods of corrosion casting and x-ray microCT scanning. Mr. Klussmann-Fricke’s project will reveal new characters that will improve understanding of these poorly known arachnids.

Bernardo Santos

RGGS Ph.D. student Bernardo Santos to Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle (Paris, France) and Zoologische Staatssammlung Munchen (Munich, Germany) as a new Kade Fellow. He worked with Drs. Claire Villemant (MNHN) and Stefan Schmidt (ZSM) on a project that investigates an extremely diverse but poorly studied lineage of parasitic wasps, the cryptine ichneumonid wasps. His goal has been to elucidate their evolutionary relationships, while also gaining a better understanding of their diversity, including describing new species. MNHN and ZSM hold two of the largest and most important Ichneumonidae wasp collections. The opportunity to study these collections on-site helped Mr. Santos uncover new knowledge about cryptine wasps, while interacting with and learning from his German and French colleagues.

Prior Annette Kade Fellows:

YEAR                                         AMNH Sponsor  
Guillaume Bonnet                George Harlow  
Gerrit Budde                        Denton Ebel  
Andrea Gatto                        Mordecai -Mark Mac Low  
Taisiya G. Kopytova               Rebecca Oppenheimer  
Stephanie Loria   Lorenzo Prendini  
Niels Josephe Schoffelen        Eunsoo Kim  
Simone Hoffman                   Jin Meng  
Weibke Feindt                Rob DeSalle  
Anna Ida Frauke Stebner       Dave Grimaldi  
Nina Mazur                          Dave Grimaldi  
Stephanie Loria                    Lorenzo Prendini  
Christian Baczynski                Mordecai -Mark Mac Low  
Miguel Pinto Baez            Nancy Simmons  
Natalie Raetigg                     Mordecai -Mark Mac Low  
Ornella Bertrand                John Flynn  
Christoph Federath              Mordecai -Mark Mac Low  
Adrien Perrard                   James Carpenter  
Juliane Schaer                    Susan Perkins  
Isabelle Kruta                   Neil Landman  
Thomas Peters                 Mordecai -Mark Mac Low  
Alexis Carlotti                  Rebecca Oppenheimer  
Jeremy Leconte                  Rebecca Oppenheimer  
Anders Johansen              Mordecai -Mark Mac Low  
Isabelle Kruta                 Neil Landman  
Jeff Oishi                           Mordecai -Mark Mac Low  
Robert Schelly                    Melanie Stiassny  
Julia Schwartzer                 Melanie Stiassny  
Carsten Kamenz               Lorenzo Prendini  
Ilya Temkin                       Paula Mikkelson  
Jerome Murienne               Ward Wheeler  
Christian Wirkner             Lorenzo Prendini  
Anne Katherine Japsen        Mordecai -Mark Mac Low  
Vincent Rousset               Mark Siddall  
Thorbjoern Schoenbeck       Denton Ebel  
Christiane Weirauch           Toby Schuh  
Diego Pol                          Mark Norell  
Yuexing Li                         Mordecai -Mark Mac Low