Salisa Rabinowitz

Global Felids Conservation Genetics Program Coordinator 
B.S. in Biology and Microbiology, Ramkhamhaeng University 
M.S. in Genetics from the Medical School, Mahidol University

Salisa Rabinowitz is the Program Manager and Program Coordinator for the Center of Conservation Genetics and Global Felid Conservation Genetics Program at the American Museum of Natural History. Born in Thailand, she received a B.S. in Biology and Microbiology from Ramkamheang University and M.S. in Genetics from the Medical School of Mahidol University. In 1992, she accepted a position at the Wildlife Conservation Society (formerly the New York Zoological Society) based at the Bronx Zoo working as Program Manager and Research Assistant to Dr. George Amato, who was the Director of Conservation Genetics Program and WCS Science Resource Center until 2005. She provided programmatic services, administrative and research support in various field of wildlife research projects.

Rabinowitz has contributed to 25 popular articles and scientific papers and published two books: the Wildlife Field Research and Conservation Training Manual, and The Wild Cats of Thailand in Thai language.