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Current Research Projects 2016

Baggett, Bob A.; 5/8/16—5/27/16; Tennessee Technological University; The Effects of Abiotic and Biotic Factors on the Movement Patterns of Pardosa valens and Rabidosa santrita Wolf Spiders; Email:

Barton, Andrew; 5/12/16—6/23/16; University of Maine at Farmington; Pines vs. Oaks Revisited: Forest Type Conversion Due to High-severity Fire in Madrean Woodlands; Email:

Bond, Alan; 7/6/16—7/20/16; School of Biological Sciences University of Nebraska; Dimensions of Color Resemblance in Lizards; Email:

Brown, Chris; 5/16/16—5/27/16; Tennessee Tech University; Behavioral Ecology of Riparian Wolf Spiders and Montane Scorpions; Email:

Johnson, Dennis; 5/1/16—5/13/16; Independent Researcher; Bee Biodiversity Initiative; Email:     

Kelly, Elizabeth McKenna; 2/25/16—7/18/16; Cornell University; The neurobiology of cooperative breeding in birds; Email:

McMahon, Timothy M.; 5/1/16—5/13/16; Independent Researcher; Bee Biodiversity Initiative; Email: Timothy.McMahon@USPTO.GOV               

Price, Savannah L.; 5/11/16—6/8/16; Indiana State University; Female aggression in Sceloporus jarrovii: the role of abdominal blue patches; Email:

Pruett, Jake A.; 5/11/16—6/8/16; Indiana State University; Responses to chemical fraction of femoral gland secretions in male striped plateau lizards (Sceloporus virgatus); Email:

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