Current Research Projects 2017

Baggett, Bob A.; 5/12/17—5/31/17; Tennessee Technological University; The Effects of Abiotic and Biotic Factors on the Movement Patterns of Pardosa valens and Rabidosa santrita Wolf Spiders; Email: babaggett21@stu/  

Brown, Chris; 5/12/17—5/31/17; Tennessee Technological University; Population of Wolf Spiders and Scorpions in Southeastern Arizona; Email: 

De Luca, Paul; 7/17/17—8/7/17; University of the Bahamas; Diversity of buzz-pollination in North America bees and plants; Email:

Dudley, Jessica; 6/26/17—7/17/17; University of Sydney; What cellular changes in the uterus allow for successful implantation and formation of the placenta in the Kangaroo Rat?; Email:

Frack, Donald; 4/09/17—4/13/17; Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History;Survey and Biology of Primitive moths in the Southwestern United States; Email:

Frank, Jeremy; 5/5/17—5/12/17; Richard Gilder Graduate School at the American Museum of Natural History; Building the first phylogeny for the behaviorally diverse Bembix San Wasps; Email:

Friedman, Daniel; 4/28/17—5/2/17; Stanford University; Neurophysiology of harvester ants; Email:

Jablonski, Piotr; 1/12/17—1/28/17; Seoul National University; Ecology of Mexican Jays; Email:

Jones, Taylor; 7/3/17—8/31/17; Wake Forest University; Mechanisms of Sonar Jamming; Email:

Ponisio, Lauren; 6/1/17—8/20/17; UC Riverside; Connecting ecological networks with their evolutionary histories to determine drivers of ecosystem function and resilience; Email:

Saulnier, James; 4/09/17— 4/13/17; Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History; A synoptic Collection of the Endemic Species of Aphodius occurring within and in the vicinity of the Chiricahua Mountains; Email:

Sherbrooke, Wade 5/15/17—6/5/17; Southwestern Research Station, AMNH; Reproduction and antipredator behaviors of horned lizards (Phrynosoma); Email:

Weiss, Stacey; 5/21/17—6/7/17; University of Puget Sound; Maternal protection of eggs via anti-fungal microbes in oviparous lizards; Email: