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Patricia Nadeau

Kathryn W. Davis Postdoctoral Scholar

  • Education

      • Michigan Technological University, Ph.D., 2011
      • Simon Fraser University, M.Sc., 2006
      • McGill University, B.Sc. Hons., 2004
  • Research Interests

    Research Interests

      Dr. Nadeau specializes in volcanology and focuses on studying the roles of degassing and outgassing in various types of volcanic activity. In her graduate research, she helped to develop an ultraviolet camera for measuring high-temporal resolution measurements of volcanic sulfur dioxide. By combining such ground-based remote sensing of volcanic gas with other geophysical datasets--like seismicity, infrasound, and deformation--she was able to develop models of shallow conduit processes at Fuego (Guatemala) and Kilauea (Hawaii) volcanoes. At the American Museum of Natural History, Dr. Nadeau will investigate the petrology and volatile contents of eruptive products in tandem with remotely sensed gas and geophysical data in order to better understand eruptive phenomena at both explosive and effusive volcanoes.

  • Publications

  • Teaching Experience

    Teaching Experience

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