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Collection Visitation Policy

All requests to visit the Herpetology collections (specimen, library, or archives) must be made in the form of a formal, hard-copy letter, received in the Department well in advance of any proposed visit. The letter should be addressed to one of the curators, Darrel Frost or Christopher Raxworthy, or the curatorial associate, David Kizirian. This letter must be on institutional letterhead, and state exactly when access is being requested, for how long, and what material is to be examined and why. A request from a student must be countersigned by the major professor or other responsible staff member who will assume responsibility for the student's visit.

Any examination of specimens that involves dissection and/or stress (e.g., pinning, prying open of mouths) must be explained in detail (see Dissection of Specimen Policy). All requests will be decided on a case-by-case basis, but permission to do destructive dissection is not granted routinely. Any special considerations (e.g., microscopes, special lighting) which require departmental action should also be included with the request.

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