Program Highlights

A robust slate included the introduction of new adult learning programs focused on neuroscience, a year-long series presented in conjunction with the reopening of the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial in October 2012, vibrant cultural festivals, and the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Irma and Paul Milstein Family Hall of Ocean Life and its related Milstein Science Series in spring 2013. A selection of programs appears below.

August 2011
Visit with astronauts from Atlantis STS-135, NASA’s final mission
September 2011
Pilot Master of Arts in Teaching program begins accepting applications
October 2011
Sackler Brain Bench adult course series begins
November 2011
35th Annual Margaret Mead Film Festival
November 2011
Visit from Hubble repair mission astronauts
December 2011
33rd Annual Kwanzaa Celebration
January 2012
SpaceFest, in conjunction with Beyond Planet Earth
February 2012
Digital Universe Flight School for middle-school students
February 2012
Global Weekends: African-American Musical Mosaic
March 2012
Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Faster than the Speed of Light
April 2012
Milstein Science Series: Bioluminescence, in conjunction with Creatures of Light
April 2012
Global Weekends: New Orleans: Culture Remixed
May 2012
Discovery Room celebrates 10th anniversary
Six people, three seated, three standing, in a room with a wall placard titled, “Kathryn W. Davis Science Teaching Classroom.”
May 2012
Kathryn W. Davis Science Teaching Classroom dedicated at ceremony honoring Mrs. Davis and her support for the MAT program
May 2012
Dame Daphne Sheldrick speaks
June 2012
First cohort begins in MAT program
June 2012
Urban Advantage Science Expo
July 2012
First-ever Virtual Worlds Institute: Whatever Happened to the Neanderthals?
October 2012
Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Opening Day Celebration
October 2012
SciCafe season begins
November 2012
36th Annual Margaret Mead Film Festival
December 2012
Nature and Poetry: A Conversation with E.O. Wilson and Robert Hass
December 2012
34th Annual Kwanzaa Celebration
January 2013
How to Feed a Growing Planet presented in conjunction with Our Global Kitchen: Food, Nature, Culture
January 2013
Global Weekends: Festival Luna
January 2013
Digital Learning Week pioneers new programs for youth, including Morpholution and FoodCraft
February 2013
Sackler Brain Bench One-Day University presented in conjunction with Our Global Kitchen: Food, Nature, Culture
February 2013
Global Weekends: Stories We Tell
March 2013
Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Existence of Nothing
Inside a cavelike installation space, museum visitors sit on the ground and watch a video installation projected onto the interior of the dome.
March 2013
2013 Milstein Science Series begins, celebrating 10th anniversary of Milstein Family Hall of Ocean Life
March 2013
Museum and Pinkerton Foundation lead consortium to expand Science Research Mentoring Program to six local science institutions
April 2013
Conservation, Wilderness, and the American Dream
April 2013
OLogy named Great Website for Kids by PC Magazine
Image of a chameleon on a thin brown branch. The chameleon is displaying green and yellow spots on its light brown body.
May 2013
Museum announces partnership with Coursera
May 2013
Identification Day
June 2013
Urban Advantage Science Expo
June 2013
16th Annual Young Naturalist Award Winners announced
June 2013
Second cohort begins MAT program