Program Highlights

Highlights of fiscal 2014 included programs for visitors of all ages, as well as a few milestone anniversaries. Renowned naturalist Sir David Attenborough spoke at the Museum, as did groundbreaking biologist Craig Venter. Festivals offered visitors a taste of the culture of Korea and marked the Museum's 35th year celebrating Kwanzaa. And in June, the Urban Advantage program celebrated a decade of supporting New York City’s public middle school science teachers and students at the annual UA Science Expo.

July 2013
Virtual Worlds Institute: What Happened to Neanderthals?
August 2014
Students Use 3D Printer to Reconstruct Dinosaurs
September 2013
Sackler Brain Bench Explores the Neuroscience of Sports
October 2013
SciCafe Season Kicks Off with Ross MacPhee: Reviving the Mammoth
October 2013
2013 Margaret Mead Film Festival: See for Yourself
October 2013
Life at the Speed of Light with Craig Venter
November 2013
Alfred Russel Wallace and the Birds of Paradise with Sir David Attenborough
December 2013
SciCafe with Fatimah Jackson: How Plants Domesticated Humans
A woman dances on stage accompanied by drummers dressed in festive Kwanza attire.
December 2013
Kwanzaa 2013: 35th Anniversary Celebration
A white wolf stands in front of a tree.
January 2014
Wild, Wild World: Wolves
Man plays trombone with youth choir behind him.
February 2014
Give Your Voice: Honor Black History
March 2014
Experience Korea: Innovations in Art and Culture
March 2014
Issac Asimov Memorial Debate: Selling Space
April 2014
Our Genes, Ourselves: What Can Our DNA Tell Us?
May 2014
Milstein Science Series Presents Capturing the Ocean's Glow
Five adults huddled around a table of rock specimens of various shapes, colors, and sizes on Identification Day at the Museum, May 2014. One man is pointing to a spot on a specimen.
May 2014
Identification Day
Many exposition tables set up beneath the blue whale in the Museum's Hall of Ocean Life, with many attendees.
June 2014
Urban Advantage Science Expo Celebrates 10 years