Research Highlights

The research conducted by the Museum’s scientists contributes to its collections and informs its exhibitions and programs. During fiscal year 2015, Museum researchers produced more than 340 publications, a cross-section of which are highlighted below.

July Baby Mammoth
July 2014
CT Scans of Baby Mammoth Mummies Yield Trove of Insights
Grizzly bear
July 2014
Study Led by Indigenous People Uncovers Grizzly Bear “Highway”
July 2014
Dinosaurs Fell Victim to “Perfect Storm” of Events, Study Infers
August Scorpion Tails
August 2014
New Findings Show How Scorpions Make Their Tails
May Coyotes
September 2014
First Coyote Recovered on Long Island
September Bird Diversity
September 2014
New Research Identifies Drivers of Rich Bird Diversity in Neotropics
September Squirrel-like Species
September 2014
Fossils of New Squirrel-like Species Support Earlier Origin of Mammals
September Gravitational Waves
September 2014
Hints of Gravitational Waves in the Stars
October Beetle
October 2014
Researchers Discover 52-Million-Year-Old “Ant-loving” Beetle
November Meteorite
November 2014
Meteorite’s Magnetic Fields Hint at How Planets Formed
December Mastadons
December 2014
American Mastodons Lived in the North During Brief Warm Interval
December Fish
December 2014
DNA Barcoding Reveals Fish With a Broad Appetite for Fins
December Bird Evolution
December 2014
Mapping the “Big Bang” of Bird Evolution
January Caribbean Bat
January 2015
Fossils Link Caribbean Bat Extinction to Humans, Not Climate Change
February Trilobites
February 2015
Tracking Evolution’s Rate Through Trilobites
February Scorpion Tail
February 2015
Scorpions’ Detachable Tail Shakes Predators
February Sea Urchins
February 2015
Sea Urchins, Sand Dollars Thrived with Time
February Crocs
February 2015
Crocs Rocked Pre-Amazonian Peru
February Frog Fungus
Researchers Detect Deadly Frog Fungus in Madagascar
March 2015
Hubble Discovers Four Images of Supernova Split by Cosmic Lens
March Mammal Group
March 2015
New Study Sheds Light on Mammal Group that Puzzled Darwin
April Planet
April 2015
Sweeping Up a Planet
April 2015
Building Better Skull Models for Ancient Carnivores
April 2015
Tracking Uto-Aztecan Language Evolution
May Flies
May 2015
Study Unveils Exotic Flies Hiding in Urban L.A.