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Margaret Mead Film Festival

Thursday, October 17 - Sunday, October 20, 2019


The 2019 Mead features documentary films, shorts, and other media that increase our understanding of the complexity and diversity of peoples and cultures around the world. Screening times, ticket prices and more information at

Thursday, October 17

Freedom Fields
A women’s soccer team fights for their right to play in post-revolution Libya.
2018 | 99 min | Libya | United Kingdom 

Friday, October 18

The Guardian of Memory (El Guardián de la Memoria)
In the Juarez Valley, the question of genocide is not historical, but practical and legal.
2019 | 93 min | Mexico, USA

Through the Artist's Lens

  • Color
    Few know first-hand the personalities of colors like the artists at Kremer Pigments in New York City.
    2019 | 20 min | USA
  • Cuban Canvas
    The bold vision of Cuba’s young artists marks the lines between art and life.
    2019 | 15 min | Cuba, USA
  • Cultural Activist—Maree Clarke
    Through supersized gold necklaces and clay Kopi skull caps, Indigenous Australian Maree Clarke enables people to actively reconnect with their cultures.
    2018 | 13 min | Australia
  • A Woman Who Paints Thangkas
    Despite external pressures, Lutso does not give up on her trailblazing life as one of the first female painters of Tibetan thangka art.
    2019 | 25 min | China, USA 

Collectively - Kartemquin

  • Unapologetic
    Three young black women organize against police violence in Chicago and they will not apologize for their own existence.
    2019 | 20 min | USA 
  • Now We Live on Clifton
    Witness the gentrification of a Chicago neighborhood in 1974 from the perspective of two elementary school students.
    1974 | 26 min | USA 
  • Winnie Wright, Age 11
    A story of white working-class Chicago through the eyes of 11-year-old Winnie Wright.
    1974 | 26 min | USA

Taste of Hope
The union heroes of a French tea processing plant fight to operate a small co-op in a market oversaturated by huge corporations.
2019 | 70 min | France | Germany, Switzerland 

Border South
What can we learn about the lives of people journeying the 2,300-mile-long North American migrant trail through the artifacts they leave behind?
2019 | 83 min | Guatemala, Mexico, USA

Massacre River
Pikilina, a 23-year-old Dominican-born woman of Haitian descent, scrambles to regain citizenship for herself and her children.
2019 | 81 min | Dominican Republic, Haiti  

nîpawistamâsowin (We Will Stand Up)
A Cree family seeks justice for the murder of their son while battling systemic racism against First Nations in Canada.
2019 | 98 min | Cree First Nation, Canada, USA | Canada

In Stitches
“Vernac” comedians in South African show how language is key to nailing the punchline.
2018 | 55 min | South Africa | USA 

Saturday, October 19

Emerging Visual Anthropologists Showcase

  • Living with Grace
    Through races and Ironman competitions, Grace pushes back against cancer, exploring the kind of medicine that exercise can provide.
    2019 | 24 min | USA
  • Mong Kok, First Aid
    Photographs, fluorescent vests, and gas masks are shared like precious family heirlooms alongside harrowing stories of Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement.
    2019 | 20 min | USA, Hong Kong | Hong Kong
  • Refusing to Let Go (Duxh Benigulun)
    See how weaving lessons spark an elderly woman’s memory while passing down Zapotec cultural legacy.
    2019 | 19 min | Mexico
  • Surface Layer
    Ryan Salch reveals how eczema affects a person psychologically and physically through this autobiographical portrait.
    2019 | 19 min | USA
  • Tea for Taiwan
    Bubble tea has become a surprising tool for Taiwanese-American activists in New York City.
    2019 | 18 min | USA, Taiwan

Collectively at the Mead - Appalshop

  • Stranger with a Camera
    An Appalachian filmmaker examines the relationship between media-makers and the communities they portray in their work.
    2000 | 61 min | USA
  • Evelyn Williams
    Evelyn Williams, now in her 80s, fights to protect eastern Kentucky from oil and gas drilling.
    1995 | 27 min | USA 
  • Not a Daughter
    Though he was once certain he would not survive his 18th birthday, a young trans boy in Kentucky tells his story of self-acceptance.
    2016 | 16 min | USA 

Double Feature

  • When I Walk
    As MS begins to affect his ability to walk, speak, and see, Jason DaSilva is forced to learn new ways to navigate New York City, using his artistic talents to thrive.
    2013 | 85 min | USA 
  • When We Walk
    Jason Da Silva’s MS and his dissolving marriage weigh heavily, but he is determined to be the best father he can be.
    2019 | 77 min | USA 

Before Father Gets Back (Sanam Mama Dabrundeba)
Iman and Eva, two daughters of jihadists, reveal the daily lives of the families of ISIS fighters as they await their fathers’ return.
2018 | 75 min | Georgia | France, Germany

The Last Male on Earth
Meet Sudan, the last male rhinoceros of his species and a tourist sensation in Kenya.
2019 | 72 min | Kenya | Netherlands, Belgium, Germany

Feature + Short

  • Easy Lessons (Könnyű Leckék)
    As Kaifa adopts Hungarian customs she reassures her mother in Somalia she still identifies with her roots.
    2018 | 78 min | Hungary 
  • MAi: Life Is Not Honey
    The social and economic impacts of climate change are ever-present when accessing clean drinking water gets in the way of getting to school on time.
    2019 | 22 min | Ethiopia | USA

Saudi Women's Driving School
For women in Saudi Arabia, a driver’s license is more than a certificate—it puts them on the road to independence.
2019 | 60 min | Saudi Arabia | United Kingdom

Made in Boise
Follow four surrogates experiencing the emotional and physical hurdles of being pregnant with someone else’s baby.
2019 | 85 min | USA

Feature + Short

  • Antonio y Piti
    The family that helped expel the rubber tappers who enslaved the Asháninka people 30 years ago steps up once again in the face of environmental disaster.
    2019 | 78 min | Brazil 
  • Land, Water, Life
    Asháninka of the Peruvian Andes pay tribute to their ancestors and the sacred Kapi river while protesting plans for dams that threaten their lives.
    2019 | 10 min | Peru  

Black Divaz
Dressed in extravagant outfits and vibrant makeup, Indigenous drag contestants compete for the title of Miss First Nation.
2018 | 60 min | Australia

Hi, AI
On some level we connect with artificially intelligent robots as people. Can they—or should they—be our friends?
2019 | 87 min | Germany

Run alongside Guor Marial on his journey from Sudanese refugee to world-class athlete.
2019 | 87 min | Australia, Brazil, Canada, Kenya, South Africa, South Sudan, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA | USA

Wandering Souls
Can art create closure for a wounded nation? Forty years after the brutal Khmer Rouge reign, artists try with film and Bangsokol music.
2019 | 74 min | Australia, Cambodia, Taiwan | Australia

Sunday, October 20

Covered Up
Rachel’s questions about covering her hair after divorce reveal the complexities of ultra-orthodox Jewish views on this longstanding practice.
2018 | 52 min | Israel

Eating Up Easter
The people of Rapa Nui are fighting for their cultural heritage, for job opportunities, and for an island clear of trash.
2018 | 75 min | Chile, Rapa Nui | USA

Feature + Short

  • She Who Must Be Loved
    Part detective story, part observational documentary, follow an intergenerational effort to piece together a complicated family history of an Indigenous Australian media mogul.
    2018 | 88 min | Australia 
  • Marielle’s Legacy Will Not Die
    In the absence of justice, activists and artists in Rio used Carnival 2019 to demand answers for the murder of Councilwoman Marielle Franco
    2019 | 21 min | Brazil

Winter's Yearning
For the Greenland town of Maniitsoq, broken corporate promises inspire the community to discover alternative financial opportunities.
2019 | 77 min | Greenland | Norway, Greenland, Denmark

Miguelito - Canto a Borinquen
Experience the lively world of Puerto Rican music as the mystery of an 11-year-old salsero’s disappearance unfolds.
2019 | 94 min | Puerto Rico, USA, Colombia | Australia, Colombia

Let the People Decide
Activists in North Carolina fight against intimidation and disenfranchisement at the polls, as we see history repeating itself.
2019 | 108 min | USA

Feature + Short

  • The Wandering Chef
    Hiking the Korean countryside, Jiho Im cooks meals for elders he meets along the way, with ingredients foraged from their own backyards.
    2018 | 84 min | South Korea