Climate Change, Shifting Cultures

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Sandy beach in the foreground, with a view of tree-covered mountains where they meet the sea. Visale beach on Guadalcanal, the main island of the Solomon Islands group.
Courtesy of StewyOz/Wikimedia Commons
What are the effects of climate change on our culture? How do we navigate new realities in efforts to both adapt to and potentially mitigate the effects of our changing climate?

In this program, a group of experts will discuss biocultural approaches to resource management, sustainability, conservation, and metrics of wellbeing. From an environmentally friendly cookbook created in the Solomon Islands to ensure sustainable practices and the survival of local food traditions to a new approach to adapting winemaking to the rising temperatures in France and shifting metrics of success in social systems in Vanuatu, this panel will present some of the most innovative projects in communities around the world who are aiming to change the way we carry on tradition and our ways of life in the face of this climate crisis.  

How to Watch

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This is one of four programs presented by the Museum in conjunction with Climate Week NYC.