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A collection of ingenious, playful, and thought-provoking projects invites participation and contemplation—with some delightful take-home gifts for the brave and intrigued.

Free for Members or with Museum admission.


Secret Drum Band
1–3 pm
Hall of Biodiversity

Following their pop-up performances earlier in the day, Secret Drum Band presents an interactive percussive setup featuring rhythmic loops of sounds of the Amazon. Participants can use drumsticks to play an electronic pad featuring multiple “drum sets” of these rhythmic loops, creating their own compositions and sound collages which will be recorded and emailed as a keepsake. 


Dear Climate
10 am–8 pm
Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall

A collection of agitprop posters invites Museum guests to meet, befriend, and “become” climate change. It’s a new way to talk about the weather. A display of posters is accompanied by an entreaty to write letters to our changing climate.


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