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Eastern Coyotes: Extremely Adaptable and Close

Thursday, December 5, 2019

An Eastern coyote walks along a dirt trail; a New York City bridge is in view in the background. © Ivan Kuraev 2019

The Eastern coyote is a large coyote-wolf mix that has expanded its range in eastern North America over the last few decades. Having taken over the wildlands, this big predator is increasingly observed in urban areas—including New York City. How easily do these animals adapt to urban landscapes? How will people's relationship with coyotes change?

The Museum’s Center for Biodiversity and Conservation hosts a presentation by Roland Kays of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, who will be joined in a panel discussion by members of the Gotham Coyote Project, Chris Nagy of the Mianus River Gorge, Carol Henger of Fordham University, and Tatyana Graham of Pace University, moderated by Black Rock Forest's Matthew Palmer.

Organized with Black Rock Forest.

More Information

Museum students and members of The Gotham Coyote Project discussed New York City's coyotes in the first episode of Wild Metropolis, on PBS. Earlier this year, Gothamist reported on the surge in the coyote population, and more recently about the latest coyote sighting.