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Experience Korea: Innovations in Art and Culture

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Group of young people posing with hands on hips wearing jeans, caps, sneakers, and tee shirts, in urban street. Background has billboards and shops.

The Museum spotlights Korea, inviting visitors to journey through a changing Korea and to experience how the country’s past enriches its present. Explore the contents of a Korean time capsule (circa 1900) from the Museum collections with Museum Curator of Asian Ethnology and Anthropology Division Chair Laurel Kendall. Learn the technique of joomchi with Hanji master artist Aimee Lee, play the popular game Yut Nori, enjoy Pansori, often referred to as Korean Opera, with expert and scholar Chan E. Park, and storytelling with Maria Yoon. Explore Korean art forms with award-winning composer and host Paul Yeon Lee with Tae-seog Yoon and Kate Bowling, the Korean Traditional Music and Dance Institute, and the Vongku Pak Korean Drum and Dance Troupe. Be the first to experience a new work from modern dance choreographer Grace Song. Join the Korean Wave with a rousing performance by MJ Choi and her K-Pop inspired dance group I LOVE DANCE, and more! 

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한국어 버전

Enjoy the YouTube trailer of artist Aimee Lee’s “Hanji Unfurled: One Journey into Korean Papermaking.”

Experience dancer-choreographer Grace Song in this electric and modern dance reel on her website.

Click here to enjoy the beautiful fan dancers of the Korean Traditional Music and Dance (KTMDI).

Catch MJ Choi and the K-Pop inspired dance group I LOVE DANCE video channel on YouTube.

Watch here a sneak peak of the Vongku Pak Korean Drum and Dance Troupe.

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Photo credit: I Love Dance Zurisaddai Nikko Corona Jr