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Frontiers Lecture: The Terrain of Venus with Martha Gilmore

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Monday, February 4, 2019

Volcano on Venus NASA/JPL

Explore the surface of Venus, the planet named for the Roman goddess of love. What can Venus’ oldest rocks tell us about the history of water on this nearby world? Planetary geologist Martha Gilmore describes her research studying our neighboring planet’s terrain using surface mapping and orbital spectroscopy. 

Meet the Presenter

Martha Gilmore is a planetary geologist who studies the surface morphology and composition of Venus, Mars and the Earth. Using surface mapping and orbital spectroscopy, Gilmore looks at some of the oldest rocks on Venus and Mars in order to evaluate rock composition and constrain the history of water on these two planets. These investigations are supported by laboratory studies of minerals formed and/or weathered under Venus and Mars conditions. Gilmore also uses spectroscopy to evaluate the extent and health of plant species local to Connecticut. She is an author on 45 refereed publications, has been awarded over $1.5M in external funding from NASA and EPA and is a Fellow of the Geological Society of America. She is also the Deputy Chair of NASA’s Venus Exploration Analysis Group.

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