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Full STEM Ahead: Tips for Students on a STEM track

March 4, 2017

View of a lab table with card file, pens, and labeled test tubes of various sizes.

This FREE information session will explore ways in which students can strengthen their chances when applying to college if they are looking towards a career in math, science or engineering.

Geared towards late middle school and early high school students and their families, former college admissions officers will share:

–Which high school courses offer the best preparation for entering the selective fields of math, science and technology
–How to most effectively utilize school science and engineering clubs
–Tips for choosing the best summer activities
Participants will leave with:

–Presentation slides
–List of considerations for STEM careers
–Curriculum action plan
–Suggestions for finding STEM related internships

Registration will open approximately one month prior to the event.  Please check back later.


This programming is supported by the generous contribution of MetLife Foundation.