Special Events

Hack the Dinos

Sunday, November 22, 2015

A tyrannosaurus rex fossil skeleton in profile.

Data is everywhere—from the smartphone in your pocket to scans of specimens in our Museum collections. Discover how programmers and scientists are working together to mine the Museum’s paleontology database, developing new ways to visualize and understand current research. Hear first-hand accounts from the data trenches and test your hand at coding. Explore how you, too, can get involved in computer science, and find out what hackers can really create in 24 hours. As part of this special event join us for a screening of The Human Face of Big Data

Coding Corner
Noon–3 pm
Try your hand at coding and explore how you, too, can get involved in computer science.

Lightning Talks
12:30 pm and 2 pm
Meet data scientists and Brown Scholars from our newest education program, BridgeUp: STEM, as they discuss how computer science is used in their work.

Hackathon Demos
3–5:30 pm
What can hackers really create in 24 hours? See what happens when computer programmers hack into the Museum’s paleontology database. 

This program is part of BridgeUp: STEM, a new initiative educating youth and the public about cutting edge computing in scientific research and science communication. 

BridgeUP: STEM is generously supported by a grant from the Helen Gurley Brown Trust