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Interactive Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Sunday, February 9

Cozmo the robot Courtesy of ANKI

The Sackler Educational Laboratory in the Spitzer Hall of Human Origins is a hands-on learning space with a focus on evolution, genomics, and neuroscience. On February 9, we will be exploring the intersection between human evolution and artificial intelligence. Visitors of all ages can drop in from noon to 5 pm to explore such questions as: How do robots with artificial intelligence see the world? How do robots know where they are, where to go, and what to do? How do self-driving cars work? And will a day come when every home has its own robotic butler? Our lab staff will be joined by undergraduate computer science students who have put together a collection of hands-on demonstrations and games using Cozmo, a robot with artificial intelligence.

Sponsored by the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence ( and ReadyAI LLc.