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Meet the Scientist: James Napoli on Velociraptors

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Velociraptor skull on display in the Museum's fourth floor dinosaur halls. M. Shanley/© AMNH
Lifestyles of the Small and Carnivorous: How Velociraptor Became our Favorite Dinosaur

Velociraptor and its family—the Dromaeosauridae—are some of the most popular and well-known meat-eating dinosaurs. In the last twenty years, we have discovered many new members of the family, but how they evolved from humble beginnings to become the dinosaur world’s smartest hunters remains a mystery.

James Napoli, a PhD Candidate at the Richard Gilder Graduate School of the American Museum of Natural History, studies the causes and pathways of major evolutionary changes. Join James as he shares his research on how Velociraptor became the fierce and brainy predator we know and love.

The standing stones of Stonehenge are in view behind scientist James Napoli.
Courtesy of James Napoli

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