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Meet the Scientist: Jenny Newell

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Discovery Room

Jenny Newell is the curator of Pacific Ethnology in the Museum's Division of Anthropology. In this “Meet the Scientist” session, Dr. Newell will speak about how she came to be captivated by the people of the Pacific Islands, and the ways they live with their environments. With a slide show of images, Jenny will talk about her research into the cultural impacts of climate change in the Pacific. She will also outline what it means to be a curator of cultural collections. An important part of this work is reconnecting Pacific Islanders to things made by their forebears, and using these objects in exhibitions and storerooms to introduce a broad audience to a little-understood part of the world.

Free passes are available the day of the program at the Discovery Room entrance on a first-come, first-served basis. Visitors aged 7 and older can chat with scientists and learn how they became interested in their fields. Contact for more details.

The Discovery Room was made possible by a grant from the Edward John Noble Foundation.

Additional support has been provided by the Ralph M. Cestone Foundation, the Rose M. Badgeley Charitable Trust, Nora and Ted Weinreich, the V. and L. Marx Foundation, the Ducommun and Gross Family Foundation, the Daneker Family, and the Larkin Family.