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Meet the Scientist: Nisa Beceriklisoy

December 2, 2017

A young woman in a lab coat and goggles stands in front of steaming containers of liquid nitrogen, smiling.

“DON’T Let It Go: A Frozen (Tissue) Story

Have you ever heard of the Ambrose Monell Cryo Collection? Probably not!

Join Nisa Beceriklisoy to learn about this hidden gem of the Museum, which houses a vast library of frozen tissues from bald eagles to humpback whales.

Using liquid nitrogen, this highly organized cryogenic collection allows for long-term DNA (and RNA) preservation. In this era of massive species loss, conserving genetic information is of paramount importance.

Learn how Nisa helps to preserve our tissues, keep them organized, and how other scientists contribute to and learn from our library.



On select Saturday afternoons throughout the school year, children 7 years old and older are invited to join us upstairs in the Discovery Room for a chance to talk with an AMNH scientist as they share their passion for science and fascinating findings with us.

Space is limited and tickets are distributed at the Discovery Room on a first-come, first-served basis for sessions at 2:15, 3:00, and 3:45.