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Tag, You're It!

Scientists use satellite tagging and buoy technology to better locate species and study their behaviors. Practice gathering data from tagged sharks with the New York Aquarium. Also view an acoustic buoy used to gather whale sounds and make some electronic whale songs of your own.

Tag, You're It


Virtual Ocean

Unleash your inner aquanaut and and discover a vivid underwater world full of life with the immersive experience Ocean Rift, and view microscopic specimens in three dimensions with the Jaffe Laboratory for Underwater Imaging

Virutal Reality

Rover Raceway

In this hands-on game, emulate the steps scientists take to conduct ocean research. Try on ocean gear, drive rovers through obstacles, race to collect specimens, and examine data back at the lab.

Rover Raceway

Underwater Robots

Extreme ocean conditions have challenged engineers to develop technologies that reach undersea depths unsafe for divers. Check out the newest and coolest underwater technologies and even operate your own mobile robots designed for aquatic work environments with Aquaai, New York Harbor School, and PVC ROV.

Underwater Robots 2

Deep Ocean Discovery

From sampling the ocean floor, we gain insights into what secrets lie deep beneath the sea. Explore how scientific ocean drilling provides a window into Earth’s past, present, and future with the International Ocean Discovery Program.

Deep Ocean Discovery

Ocean Tech Tales

Children’s author Kevin Kurtz and librarians from The New York Public Library tell stories of ocean technology and exploration. Visit the reading corner to relax in the stacks, borrow books, and sign up for a library card.

Storytelling times: 11:30 am, 1 pm, and 3:15 pm.

Tentacle Tales-locomotion-celebrating-cephalopods-120117.jpg

Coral Reef

Blacklight Puppet Performance: 11am & 4pm
Meet the Experts: Noon & 2:30pmLive Sea-to-Shore Broadcast: 1:30pm & 3:30pm


Let it Glow

Most of the deep sea is very dark, with little or no sunlight. But that doesn’t mean marine animals are in the dark! Create your own bioluminescent creature with Spyglass Theater and watch it glow under blacklight.

Let It Glow






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