The Omega-3! A Climate Change Musical Adventure

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Cartoon-style illustration of a moose playing the bass, a fish playing drums, and a bat playing the guitar. © American Lore Theater

Meet the Moose, Chinook Salmon, and Vampire Bat—animals at the forefront of telling the world about climate change, in this family-friendly live show featuring a music video for their band, The Omega-3. Celebrate the launch of their new single, a musical message created to help the world understand warming temperatures on our planet. Music by The Lobbyists, art by JESHAKA, animation by Emily Yue and Ellen Gozion, and script by Sean Pollock.

Presented in collaboration with American Lore Theater and featuring animated characters, actors, and musicians, this musical live show will tell the story of our planet’s current climate and answer children’s questions about why climate is changing and what everyone can do to slow climate change.

How to Watch

Please RSVP for this free event. Viewing information will be included with registration confirmation.

This is one of four programs presented by the Museum in conjunction with Climate Week NYC.