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Origami Folding Fun Sessions

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Seven colorful hearts crafted from folder paper.

Join OrigamiUSA at the Museum for special origami classes.

Choose from classes at all levels and learn the art of paper folding from highly skilled teachers from OrigamiUSA.

Check out the list below!



All of the following classes take place from 10:30 am - 12:30 pm



Level: Beginner
Teacher: Maria Velasquez

Maria will teach a variety of heart models created by Francis Ow, Ildiko Vass and others.


Tea Bags

Level: Low Intermediate
Teacher: Paula Parris

Paula will show you how to trace the teabag wrapper shape onto an assortment of pretty papers and turn them into lovely wreath models.


Cube-shaped Modular Box

Level: Low Intermediate
Teacher: Gay Merrill Gross

Bring a splash of color to the grey days of November by making this multi-hued creation.


Bluebeard's Castle

Level: High Intermediate
Teacher: John Blackman

Build a castle complete with towers and turrets by using several basic modules joined together by tabs.



All of the following classes take place from 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm


Family Fun: Holiday Models

Level: Beginner
Teacher: Carole Ver Eecke

This class is a great opportunity for families to explore the magic of origami together, no experience necessary. For children ages 8 and up. (Adults without children are also welcome!)


Framed Mixed Media Miniatures

Level: Low Intermediate
Teacher: Louise Flax

This class will use an interesting mix of techniques and media to create images.


Sandy's Wired Holiday Tree

Level: Low Intermediate
Teacher: Sandy Richman

This festive tree is modular and consists of 7 umbrella bases constructed on a wire stand that will be provided.


Introduction to Tesselations

Level: Low Intermediate
Teacher: Alice Baldwin-Jones

So, do you want to tessellate? Let Alice show you how!


Fractal Flower

Level: High Intermediate
Teacher: Nathan Ascher

That’s out of one piece of paper?! Roman Diaz’s awesome Fractal Flower is one of the most exciting multi-sink, multi-level fractal models in recent years.


Click here for more photos and details about the classes.

We have another Origami Fun Folding Session on  December 3, 2017!