Origami Folding Fun Sessions: 5/21/2017 main content.

Origami: Folding Fun Sessions

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Two butterfly models created from folded paper lie on a wood-grained surface.

Join OrigamiUSA at the Museum for special origami classes.

Both morning and afternoon sessions will be held and several class options are available for each session.

Check out the list below!



All of the following classes take place from 10:30 am - 12:30 pm


Family Fun: Favorite Models

Level: Beginner
Teacher: Kathy Riley

This class is a great opportunity for families to explore the magic of origami together, no experience necessary. For children ages 8 and up. (Adults without children are also welcome!)


One Sheet Wonder

Level: Low Intermediate
Teacher: MaryAnn Scheblein-Dawson

Create an album from scrapbooking cardstock which can then be decorated with other pretty papers and embellishments, including origami. A $3 fee will be collected in class.


Stars from The Fold

Level: Intermediate
Teacher: Paula Parris

This class features models from OrigamiUSA's online magazine, including the Color Duo Shifter Star.


Good Fortune Folds

Level: Intermediate
Teacher: Gay Merrill Gross

Gay helps you invite good fortune with a Korean Good Luck Bag, as well as a Good Fortune $ Asian Dragon of her own design.



Level: Complex
Teacher: Kika Salgo

Kiko will teach this extremely expressive simian that you can pose any way you like.



All of the following classes take place from 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm


La Fosse Butterflies

Level: Low Intermediate
Teacher: Kathy Stevick

A modern classic, these butterflies use Michael LaFosse’s ingenious butterfly base system to create an endless variety of stunning fliers.


Kawate Boxes

Level: Intermediate
Teacher: Mark Kennedy

Mark will teach at least two of Ayako Kawate’s decorative boxes.



Level: Intermediate
Teacher: Faye Goldman

Create a flexicube: a model which consists of 8 connected cubes and rotates endlessly between a 2 x 2 cube formation and a 2 x 4 rectangular formation.


Five Interlocking Tetrahedra

Level: High Intermediate
Teacher: Joy Hsiao

Five lacy tetrahedra are interwoven to form a light and airy model.



Level: High Intermediate
Teacher: Arlene Gorchov

This decorative box features a lid with a decorative knob or traube, which is formed by a series of tessellation-like moves.


Click here for photos and more details about the classes.