Origami Folding Fun Sessions: December 2018 main content.

Origami Folding Fun Sessions: December 2018

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Origami (folded paper) santa and holiday tree.

Join OrigamiUSA at the Museum for special origami classes.

Choose from classes at all levels and learn the art of paper folding from highly skilled teachers from OrigamiUSA.

Check out the list below!



All of the following classes take place from 10:30 am - 12:30 pm


Holiday Fun

Level: Low Intermediate
Teacher: Linda Bogan

Celebrate the holiday season by folding a trio of Christmas models by Shoko Aoyagi.


Flat Flowers for Decorating

Level: Low Intermediate
Teacher: Mary Ann Scheblein-Dawson

Mary Ann has gathered a bunch of easy flower models to use on cards, as package decorations or as ornaments.


Puff Ring

Level: Intermediate
Teacher: Nobuko Okabe

This ingenious modular ring by Nobuko is folded flat and can be puffed up into 3D upon completion.


Saar Star

Level: Intermediate
Teacher: Talo Kawasaki

If you only want to master one star model, this is the one.


Max Hulme's Mouse Rat

Level: High Intermediate
Teacher: Donna Walcavage

This realistic mouse by Max Hulme is sure to delight all those that love the cute and cuddly.



All of the following classes take place from 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm


Family Fun: Traditional Models

Level: Beginner
Teacher: Rachel Katz

This class is a great opportunity for families to explore the magic of origami together. No experience is necessary. For children ages 8 and up. (Adults without children are also welcome!)


Crown Bowl and Heart Basket

Level: Intermediate
Teacher: Arlene Gorchov

Two great related models by two origami greats: Philip Shen’s Crown Bowl and Mark Kennedy’s Heart Basket.


Anna and Brina Stars

Level: Intermediate
Teacher: Faye Goldman

These fascinating stars by Maria Sinayskaya are unique in their own way.


Four Leaves Tato Box

Level: Intermediate
Teacher: Belle Fernandez

This gorgeous Tato Box is folded from a square, preferably out of heavier weight paper.


Stars From Pentagons

Level: Intermediate
Teacher: Kathy Stevick

Here’s a collection of sensational stars folded out of pentagons. 


More origami photos and details about the classes for this date.