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Origami Folding Fun Sessions: May 2019

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Three-dimensional origami model created from folded paper cranes and other shapes. Courtesy of OrigamiUSA

Join OrigamiUSA at the Museum for special origami classes.

Choose from classes at all levels and learn the art of paper folding from highly skilled teachers from OrigamiUSA.

Check out the list below!



All of the following classes take place from 10:30 am–12:30 pm


Tea Bags

Level: Simple
Teacher: Paula Parris

Paula is back with another cool collection of teabag folds. These models are flat so they are ideal for cards, pins and frames.


Cube with Connecting Cranes

Level: Intermediate
Teacher: Kathy Riley

This intriguing 18-unit model uses traditional cranes, Froebel squares, and rabbit-eared diamond modules.


Sanbo Flower Pot Arrangement

Level: Intermediate
Teacher: Gay Merrill Gross

No glue, tape or wire are needed to make these fuss-free flower arrangements!


Fuse Star

Level: Intermediate
Teacher: Alice Baldwin-Jones

A modular star created by Tomoko Fuse and independently by Nick Robinson, it can be assembled using different numbers of modules for different looks.



All of the following classes take place from 2:30 pm–4:30 pm


Family Fun: First-time Models

Level: Beginner
Teacher: Nathan Ascher

Families can explore the magic of origami together. No experience is necessary. For children ages 5 and up. (Children 5-8 must be accompanied by an adult also registered to take the class. Adults without children also welcome!)


Pop-up Box

Level: Low Intermediate
Teacher: MaryAnn Scheblein-Dawson

MaryAnn will teach a box that pops open and closed. Surprise, surprise, there are multilevel pop-ups inside too.


Tetra Box/Secret Drawer Box

Level: Low Intermediate
Teacher: Maureen Miller-Calamo

A seemingly innocuous-looking box holds a secret. There are actually 4 secret drawers that you can hide your treasures in.


David Brill's Fairy

Level: Intermediate
Teacher: Kika Salgo

The fairy has wings, head, arms and legs and even a dress…all from a single piece of paper.


More origami photos and details about the classes for this date.